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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Minimum, Unless You're In Denial

Based on over 30 years of records, and there's still more melting to go.

Meanwhile, those associated with the George C. Marshall Institute, like William Happer, continue to obfuscate the science to the general public:

As you may recall from an earlier post, folks biased by free market economic ideologies will contort the facts  in order to deny science.  The George C. Marshall Institute (GCMI) has been distorting the sciences for decades, including health physics.

Can you see the similarities between the spin of  "low levels of radiation are natural and good for you" which one often hears from those associated with the GCMI and "carbon dioxide is a completely natural gas, each of us exhales carbon dioxide every time we take a breath"?  It sounds so lovely and simple, so reassuring....but it's a fantasy.

He says there's nothing unusual about the record tornadoes, no high temperatures (highest since 1895 in U.S.).  Everything's just peachy.

Happer says the models haven't predicted what's being observed...what a spin-meister (okay, liar)!  What we're observing is actually worse than what the models predicted, because the models were conservative.

The reason CO2 is a greenhouse gas is fundamental physics.  The molecule has a quantum vibrational level that absorbs photons at the peak of the Earth's infrared black body spectrum (Earth's radiated heat).  This fundamental FACT means every molecule of CO2 contributes to global warming unless it is removed from the atmosphere (much like every photon of ionizing radiation can create ionizations within your body, because only about 34 eV are required for an ionization, and ionization radiation exceeds that energy).

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