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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Radiation Hormesis - Back To School SALE!

Only $175.50

And the first 20 orders get a free water stone.


 I wonder how many people fall for this nonsense?

This line is really funny, the products are for those:

"Who want to begin the journey of Radiation Hormesis slowly"

HA! HA! HA! Face-palm!

Actually, this kind of stuff can be dangerous, not due to the natural radioactivity in the products, but because someone who is ill might waste time with these products instead of getting real medical attention.  That delay might matter, and that's why any "alternative medicine" approaches should be criticized and ridiculed.  There's no such thing as alternative medicine.  Something is either medically efficacious (medicine) or not (not medicine).

The guy peddling this nonsense has also co-authored a book with Jane Goldberg, which you can also BUY on the website.  See #3.

Here's Jane speaking with the 2012 American Nuclear Society President's Special Session co-chair, Ted Rockwell.  The topic of that  ANS session was Fukushima and radiation health effects. Rather than addressing the science of health physics, it was ignored in favor of nonsense (alternative health physics, if you will).  One can avoid spending money on the silly products mentioned above, but the time and money associated with that session have already been spent. And now remedial education (back to school) will be needed for those misled in the session:

(To learn more about our scientific understanding of radiation effects on the immune system, see my separate page, upper right of this webpage)

I did not attend the 2012 meeting, but I wonder if Ted offered psychic readings while there.

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