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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Denialism On Overtime With Bill Maher

What's the face of science denial?  Well, here's one belonging to an advisor to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  His name is Avek Roy, and he's on the HBO show called Real Time With Bill Maher.

After the time allotted for the show ends, they continue with a short "Overtime" segment which is only available on the internet.  (It's Episode 256, which should be available on YouTube next week or so)

The good news is Roy is in the minority amongst the other panel members.

Remember this quote from a recent post?:

"The results showed that those who subscribed to one or more conspiracy theories or who strongly supported a free market economy were more likely to reject the findings from climate science as well as other sciences."

Roy mentions that one of his professors was Richard Lindzen.  Lindzen is associated with the George C. Marshall Institute which vigorously promotes free market economy policies, regardless of the science.   They were involved in spreading misinformation about the safety of cigarettes a couple of decades ago, and spreading the denial of climatology is of particular importance to them (if not outright denial, they'll take the softer "at least question the science" approach in order to spread doubt.)

The Institute's influence has spread to the American Nuclear Society.  At the 2012 Annual Meeting there was a session called the President's Special Session and the topic was Fukushima and health physics.  I didn't attend it but read some of the documents. The science was bizarre and not at all reflective of modern health physics.

Who was that ANS President?  You can find his name just below Lindzen's within the last link.

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