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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can You Do Health Physics Deniers Next?

"The results showed that those who subscribed to one or more conspiracy theories or who strongly supported a free market economy were more likely to reject the findings from climate science as well as other sciences."

My anecdotal experience supports this finding within health physics, particularly the conspiracy theory part.

To an anti-nuke, health physics denialist,  HP folks are perceived as shills of the nuclear industry.

To a pro-nuke, health physics denialist, HP folks are perceived as part of a cabal who exaggerate the health risks for any number of imagined reasons (for employment, to impede the nuclear industry, etc.).

I don't often see the same kind of denialism within the medical industry, with the exception of those who are biased by the free market economy driver.

One such cult is the Doctors For Disaster Preparedness.

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