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Thursday, August 30, 2012

She Shows Leg, Brains Not So Much

She got a bruise on her leg from riding a bicycle.  Her "cure"?  She wraps a rock around her leg!

It's a radiation hormesis rock!

Jump to 1:30 -

Now that's pretty hilarious, except it's not.  That woman (Paula Gloria) also promotes similar "remedies" for cancer.  Her bruise has likely healed whether she wrapped a rock around her leg or not (the video is old).

But anyone with cancer who actually pays attention to her hormesis nonsense has a greater risk of DYING!

This recently published study on breast cancer concludes:

'Women declined primary standard treatment had significantly worse survival than those (who) received alternative treatments. There is no evidence to support using Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as primary cancer treatment.'

And speaking of CAM, why would anyone go to an acupuncturist?  Not only does one risk infection, but one delays evidence-based medical treatment.

Here's someone else known for showing leg (and then some):

Jenny McCarthy has promoted that vaccines cause autism (they don't).  The result, parents fear vaccines, and disease rates rise.  (Some of that is due to evolutionary resistance of the "bug" to the vaccines, but for rates to rise this broadly suggests there's more to it.)

Denying science can come with a very steep price.

   (The graphic isn't a slur aimed at the women, don't misunderstand, it's a cliche that applies to everyone)

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