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Friday, August 31, 2012

Will The Presidential Candidates Discuss Science?

Maybe.  We should demand they do, because people act upon what they believe.  If you think there's a burglar in your house, you will behave a certain way.  If you don't, you'll behave differently.

Science Debate 2012 is attempting to engage the candidates to discuss their understanding of science.  It looks like they may get some written responses, but that's hardly the debate that the group seeks.

They (and the candidates) know from experience that there's nothing for the candidates to gain by participating in a debate:

"There's a reason why in 2008, we set up a science debate at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and the candidates turned us down and instead did a faith forum at Messiah College."

It's much easier for a candidate to discuss his/her "faith" (not science, not history, not math,...)  than to discuss facts.

When it comes to politics, religion has the edge:

Here are the top 14 questions.

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