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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doctors Are Villains Too - Welcome To The Club

In an alleged campaign by the tanning bed industry called "Sun Scare":

"An industry trade group portrays doctors, health authorities and the American Cancer Society as part of a profit-driven conspiracy to frighten the public into avoiding sunlight..."

Now physicians can join health physicists in whacko conspiracy theories.  Welcome, docs good to have you join us.

And apparently Sun Scare has existed for awhile.  It's just like reading hormesis nonsense (ionizing radiation is natural, it's good for you) or climatology denier nonsense (see my earlier post of today, CO2 is natural, it's good for you).  See the pattern?

Here's a good video by the FDA (bait - people in little attire!) describing some of the science:

This video shows the benefits of sun screen, which is avoided by those who use tanning beds since it would defeat the intended purpose (sorry, no bait):

Even "casual" UV radiation exposure can have striking effects, like the face of this truck driver who received more exposure to his left side over the years.

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