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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rad Levels Within Fukushima Exclusion Zone

The caption under this video reads:

"This is the truth about the radiation count in Fukushima in the exclusion zone. It is sad that there is a cover up on information that should be made public that is not being made public.That Japanese government along with Mr. Noda as the center of all of this are and or seem like a bunch of terrorists that are getting away with all of their illegal activities without anyone trying to stop them in any way. All what they are doing and how they are running the government in Japan will slowly cause a lot of people to get and or die. Their actions are purely evil in every way!!!"

It's an exclusion zone!  I know about it and I'm in the U.S.  What cover-up?  Why is this video on YouTube if there is a cover-up?  Rad levels have been documented and made public by the WHO (see my page on the report).

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